View Book content here New!! Bio-Eco-Geo-Diplomaţia = Bio-Eco-Geo-Diplomacy/ISBN 978-606-8371-99-3/ autors:  dipl. eng. Dana Comşa and prof. univ. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dr. habil Alexandru T. Bogdan at the Academy of Romanian Scientists  – The Publishing House, Bucuresti, 2014, ISBN 978-606-8371-99-3 

2ENGL.AFISmicfinal-format info-ref training Eco-Bio-Diplomatia.14 martie 2014. Academia Romana. Eurolink.

Training and Lobby Session for EUSDR/ SUERD Experts
Romanian Academy – Biodiversity Center „Acad. David Davidescu” of the Romanian Academy
14th of March 2014, Bucuresti, Romania


Dipl.eng. Dana Comsa presentation  scientific event, co-author ECO-BIO-DIPLOMACY. ISBN 978-606-8371-61-0.   Eco-Bio-DiplomaCY and the WORLD FOOD DAY 2013, 16th of October 2013, Romanian Academy, National Institute for Economic Research ’Costin C. Kiriţescu’ (INCE), Center for Studies and Research for Agrosilvical BIODIVERSITY “Acad. David Davidescu”                           By Eco-Bio Diplomacy


The first Monday of October every year is known as World Habitat Day. This year’s theme is Urban Mobility. Mobility and access to goods and services is essential to the efficient functioning of our cities and towns as they expand. Accessible cities encourage a shift towards more sustainable modes of transportation and encourage travelers to use […]

finalPOSTER DANA COMSA AT BOGDAN -New concept of Social Eco-Bio-Economy based on integrating biosciences sept2013

The 12th International Symposium “Prospects for the 3rd Millennium Agriculture”, a dynamic forum of exchanges for scientific experiences, innovative ideas and concepts, future prospects in agriculture, plant and animal science, food science and technology, biotechnology, veterinary medicine, as well in other interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary areas, organizer USAMV CLUJ, Romania, 26 to 28 September 2013. The […]

ECO-ECONOMIA și DEZVOLTAREA DURABILĂ - Conferința Internațională a Academiei Oamenilor de Știință din România, Brașov, septembrie 2013

Fall 2013 Scientific Session of the Academy of Scientists from Romania Romania … Thoughts of some elite of all sciences .. presented in some of the Romanian scientific excellence works … International Conference of the Academy of Scientists in Romania, Scientific Session Fall AOS, Brasov, September 2013 Transilvania University Brasov . Greetings from Romania Chosen […]


On 22 May 2013, the Center for Biodiversity Research and Studies  ”Acad David Davidescu “of the Romanian Academy, organized a round table entitled „The role of agrobiodiversity in sustainable development of mankind, in relation to the integrated management of water resources in anthropogenic ecosystems friendly with the environment” with The International Day for Biodiversity 2013 occazion. More […]

Dana Comsa Diploma award.March 2013Towards a Smart Sustainable Development..Danube.House of Europe...EBD11

The Danube Region Club Reunion, 7th of March 2013, Romanian Banking Institute, Bucuresti, Romania, organised by House of Europe Foundation – Member of the International Network of Europe Houses Social Innovation Europe Initiative (SIE); Member of the Institute of International Education Network (IIE); House of Europe Honorary President -His Excellency Ambassador Liviu BOTA through the International […]

Dana Comsa co-author Eco-bio-Diplomacy .prof. Massaki Imai Kaizen Institute. dr. Julien Bratu Kaizen Romania

Organizer  KAIZEN®Romania Institute (…Kaizen spirit…and Continuous Improvement Management..)  dipl. eng. Dana Comsa co-author of the Eco-bio-Diplomacy, brief meeting and offering the book Eco-Bio-Diplomacy to prof. Masaaki Imai, Founder of the KAIZEN® Global Institute and to dipl. eng. PHd. Julien Bratu, Managing Director of KAIZEN®Romania Institute. KAIZEN..a Japanese term meaning “change for the better”. Applied to […]

Bilingual book (content)
Academy of Romanian Scientists - The Publishing House
ISBN 978-606-8371-61-0