“In recent centuries, great personalities of Romanian thought and action, in our country or the other meridians of the globe, demonstrated the strenght of their spirituality and inventiveness. Thus, our illustrious predecessors as Dimitrie Cantemir, Mihai Eminescu, George Enescu, Constantin Brancusi, Michael Manoilescu, Henri Coanda, Nicolae Iorga, Mircea Eliade, George Emil Palade, J.M. Juran and others, have abundantly proved their genious in many areas.”

“The book Eco-Bio-Diplomacy (t.n.), offers an insight in a multidimensional thinking of the political and economic space, from the simple unilateral and egocentric thinking of the individual or the group interest – yet, very spread, unfortunately – to “the good in the system” harmonious thinking.The principles of this new way of thinking to the sustainable development – as a smart sustainable development (t.n.) – are synonymous with what we call today the KAIZEN spirit or Lean Thinking, or in other words, with the principles of continuous improvement management. Basically, we could describe the significance of the KAIZEN spirit as „what you are doing today, make it better than yesterday and how you are training yourself today, to become better tomorrow than today”.

“The worst political response of a local community when its major existence resources are taken, it is – the abandonment, meaning the abandonment of hope, that who dies the last one-… The idea of a sustainable development must not be fetishized, this must be a fundamental principle that take into account the essential needs of the communities of the generations to come. We must draw an inventory and eventually we should make a selection of those human actions, which allow reproduction, avoiding the loss of natural resources. Those who come after us, are our children, our grandchildren, so the dearest and the most beloved to us, they are the future generation.”

“The authors of this important work show that, in a world so dependent on global interaction, cooperation is the only way to confront the issues we are faced with. As a viable alternative, they propose a new functional approach in international collaboration that will promote sustainable principles and practices – eco-bio-diplomacy. Basically, this work asserts that credibility and proficiency rise in the classical diplomatic action will be determined, nowadays and in the future, by the expansion of its application area in the cast field of the sustainable development, in accordance with the great tendencies that are being claimed on the international level. “

Bilingual book (content)
Academy of Romanian Scientists - The Publishing House
ISBN 978-606-8371-61-0