Eco-Bio-Diplomacy authors consider that  the economists, ecologists, biologists, physicians, physicists, chemists, engineers, biodiversity experts, sustainable development experts, bio-thahnologies and agricultural sciences experts, environmentalists,  inventors, researchers, psychologists, businessmen, social economy operators, governance representatives together with experts in the management, marketing, total quality management, kaizen, and other professionals from various fields related to life sciences must collaborate with the diplomats who represent the flag of the international cooperation relations and the voice of the world nations in the international affairs dedicated to a ealthy Earth Planet future towards a healthy smart integrated sustainable development of Humankind.

The authors and the editor encourage the promotion and the development of the generous ideas about Eco-Bio-Economy, Eco-Bio-Diplomacy for a Smart Sustainable Development of the Humankind. This book purpose is not to offer counselling and advices in economy, diplomacy, management, total quality management or eco-economy and bio-economy. Readers interested in this documentations and contributions development, are encouraged to ask for support from all professionals with extended authority in mentioned areas. The authors are addressing kind thanks to all those who support these original ideas and will promote them in the future in human relations and international relations about Eco-Bio-Economy and Eco-Bio-Diplomacy. Send us any review, expert and reader opinion about this new concept on

1prof. univ.dr. dr.h.c. prof.h.c. ALEXANDRU T. BOGDAN correspondent member to the Romanian Academy. Initiator of the Eco-Bio-Economy paradigm.01jpgatb ...imagine prezentare ECO-BIO-ECONOMY ELIPSE