“…the nowadays world is certitude for the responsibility of tomorrow.”

 The worst political response of a local community when its major existence resources are taken, it is – the abandonment, meaning the abandonment of hope, that who dies the last one-… The idea of a sustainable development must not be fetishized, this must be a fundamental principle that take into account the essential needs of the communities of the generations to come. We must draw an inventory and eventually we should make a selection of those human actions, which allow reproduction, avoiding the loss of natural resources. Those who come after us, are our children, our grandchildren, so the dearest and the most beloved to us, they are the future generation.

SMART Sustainable Development could be assimilated by making the difference between intelligence and smartness. The difference is that a smart person delivers a smart book, publishes it, then lets the others to deal with it and put it to practice. But, the intelligent person jumps ahead, trying to put into practice its project. There is an old saying: that what it is – it was and what it is –it will be. Today we confront usually with – the dictatorship of development – and the nowadays world is certitude for the responsibility of tomorrow. Present generations will have the right to judge us for what we have done to them, for what we did not do for them and for the generations to come. The Grave-digger of the mankind is the unbridled greed – it is the rush for abundance by all means, no limits, as an expansive method, which will master people.

Something must be changed at the world level, at the level of attitude and start to give accent to the medium projects (medium areas), which have a great capacity of recovery, resistance in front of crises, which might be difficult to be destroyed, which allow a cash capitalization in many hands, which give room to a wider critical mass, which through personal intelligent efforts will ensure multiplication and reproducibility. This multiplication allows something else – the multiplication of labor opportunities that become social inclusive.

On the other hand, the social inutility mood – or the destruction of the human personality, as a progress factor – leads to serious problems connected to the increase of the suicide rates, of the family abandon, leading to a “homo urbanus – depressed and melancholic”.

The result is that appears new generations which develop an incredible exercise of speculations. Those from the cities develop sometimes a major inutility, while those from the mountains community (from the mountain areas), in the same lapse of time, and referring to the same age section, become people of high utility for the society, mentioning the difference that the society ‘does not use this utility’.

As a thought to the next generation, the most beautiful way to live life is to work all the time, for your welfare and for everybody’s welfare.